Welcome to The Oglesby Charitable Trust



Who We Help

Please note: The Trust does not accept unsolicited applications

The Trust looks for the following characteristics in the organisations it supports:

  1. Primarily, registered charities whose activities are based in the north west of England.

  2. Organisations that can demonstrate that the funds are making a real difference, rather than being absorbed into a large anonymous pool, no matter how significant the end result may be.

  3. Organisations that demonstrate both the highest standards of propriety and sound business sense in their activities. This does not mean high overheads but it does mean focused use of funds, directly to where they are needed.

  4. Projects that can be ring-fenced.  


Types of Activity we support

  1. Artistic development, both on an individual and group level
  2. Educational - revenue grants, bursaries and building projects
  3. Environmental projects
  4. Tackling social inequality, especially projects in which individuals and communities can be enabled to become self-supporting
  5. Medical aid and research


Groups/Activities that are not considered

  • Non-registered charities
  • Those whose activities are for the purpose of collecting funds for redistribution to other charities
  • Animal Charities
  • Charities whose principal operation area is outside the UK
  • Church and all building fabric appeals
  • Conferences
  • Continuing running costs of an organisation
  • Costs of employing fundraisers
  • Expeditions
  • General sports, unless strongly associated with a disadvantaged group
  • Holidays
  • Individuals
  • Loans or business finance
  • Charities promoting Religion
  • Routine staff training
  • Sponsorship and marketing appeals