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The Family Stability Network (FASTN)

A child born today has only a 50:50 chance of living with both parents by the time he or she is 15 years old. Failure to foster more stable, secure, nurturing relationships will compromise the life chances and healthy development of children, perpetuate poverty and impose unsustainable social, health and economic costs on society.

OCT's response to this has been to set up the Family Stability Network (FASTN), a charity tasked with beginning to create a movement for family stability - a movement that will deliver changes in culture, attitudes, and behaviour that will reduce the incidence of family breakdown. Find out more at www.fastn.org

FASTN will deliver a series of thought-provoking campaigns, designed to resonate with a wide audience. The first of these, launched June 2016, is called Status and is aimed at 18-25 year olds and offers a unique hub that connects young people with relevant articles, photo-sharing, tips and sources of support and is called Status. Follow and share the action on Facebook or on Twitter, using the hashtag #statusonline.

For more background to OCT's family-focused work, see "Fractured Families - Key messages on why stability matters". This report was published by the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) in December 2013, a development of their major June 2013 report "Fractured Families: why Stability Matters". This second report demonstrates the scale and impact of family breakdown on children, adults and society in the UK and calls governments and policy makers to account.