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Application form

Our application and reporting procedures have now moved online. Please note that if you are invited to apply to The Trust our team will send a link to our bespoke Application Form. This should only be used when requested by Trustees and any unsolicited requests will not be acknowledged and are unlikely to be read.

When requested, the Application Form serves as a formal record, even if much of the information has already been supplied in correspondence.

The Trustees will always interview the applicant at least once prior to making a grant.  It is not uncommon for these meetings and discussions to change the nature of the application and this is seen by the Trustees as part of a healthy dialogue in forming the relationship.

Although the Trustees meet on an approximately 6-weekly cycle, meetings with potential applicants will take place between these meetings.  It should be noted, however, that it unusual for this whole process to take less than 3 months from inception to issuing of an Offer Letter.  This letter outlines our conditions of funding and the recipient will be asked, at this stage, to sign and return the letter as confirmation of their acceptance of the terms of the offer.

The Trustees expect regular communication from the applicant, both verbal and in writing, to keep them informed on how the project is moving forward and they do not expect to have to remind charities of the need for this.  Failure to adhere to this process could result in withdrawal of promised funding and will certainly affect discussions on future funding.